Joe Curtin

Just an old white dude, husband, father, grandfather, motorcycle enthusiast, artist, author, and patriot.

Welcome to my Blog. This is simply an outlet for me to vent, shout, laugh, cry, and sort out the shit show that is the 21st Century. I am a Conservative Atheist, so I basically get along with just about nobody. Along with motorcycles, which are the coolest things on the planet, I like all things horror, solid writing, great art, 60’s and 70’s rock, and most animals.

I loathe freeloaders, crybabies, bitches, entitlement, the Left, and the main stream media. So, if you can relate to at least half of that, feel free to hang around. I can be pretty goddamn funny on my best days, somewhat insightful on most, and I’ll try not to bore the shit out of you on my worst.